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Helping companies start conversations with their ideal customers through remarkable content and inbound marketing

How We Work

We have a very straightforward process for choosing a fit between us and companies who want to work with us to achieve marketing success. Similarly, we follow a simple process when working on your projects and marketing campaigns that mean you see consistent results and always know where you are in the project lifecycle.

Step 1 – Discovery

There is a computer programming maxim that states ‘garbage in, garbage out’; if what you enter into a system is flawed or corrupt, the results aren’t going to be much better.

To eliminate potential problems down the line, we spend as much time as possible digging into the problems that need addressing, uncovering the facts, and devising solutions. This is the same whether we’re developing a business website, optimising a website for search, or working on a large marketing campaign.

By ensuring we have all the right details, we can create a solid strategy which will guarantee the best results possible.

Step 2 – Design / develop

This is where we start to flesh out our plans and create the solutions to fulfil briefs and meet strategy documents. For a website, this will mean physically designing and developing the site, whilst for a marketing campaign, this will be creating content or managing a HubSpot portal.

Step 3 – Approval

Although we work closely with key stakeholders within your business at all times to incorporate their requirements and feedback, final approval happens when we reach certain progress points or milestones within a project. During a website redesign, a milestone would be when a design is ready to view, whilst for an ongoing marketing campaign, a progress point might be the drafting of a blog article.

Step 4 – Revise / publish

Based on stakeholder feedback, we revise the deliverable work, make tweaks and improvements and submit for final approval. At this stage, we get everything ready to publish the work, be it a website, marketing content, or our inbound marketing blueprints.

Step 5 – Analyse and repeat (what works!)

We believe in regular analysis of any work we carry out. Digital marketing changes very quickly and it’s imperative to stay focused on what works and what doesn’t to be able to react and make positive changes.