Inbound Marketing Blueprint – A Unique Marketing Strategy For Your Business

For any marketing campaign to be successful, there must be a solid plan of action in place. This plan should contain all the necessary research and discovery material to help uncover opportunities to better promote your products and services to your ideal clients.

How can an inbound marketing blueprint help?

When we start working with companies as part of our retained inbound marketing services, one of the first steps is to put together a marketing blueprint for them. This blueprint outlines their market background, the opportunities available to start generating leads, and the activities we will carry out to leverage those opportunities.

However, some companies aren’t ready for a fully-managed retained service. Others may have an existing marketing department in place but want to switch to an inbound way of marketing.

Either way, an inbound marketing blueprint is a great choice. It takes care of all the research and strategy elements that form the basis of a solid inbound campaign and delivers a simple plan of action that maps out what to do and why it’s important.

What’s included in an inbound marketing blueprint?

Each of our inbound marketing blueprints is a 40+ page document designed to give you a thorough analysis of your market, the marketing opportunities available to you, as well as containing a step-by-step guide to the necessary actions needed to implement a winning inbound marketing campaign.

Here are some of the topics covered:

  • Detailed project background
  • Inbound methodology explanation
  • Buyer persona development
  • Keyword research and SEO recommendations
  • Blog topic recommendations
  • Content trend analysis
  • Premium content suggestions
  • Content calendar
  • Sales funnel targeting (top of funnel / middle of funnel / bottom of funnel)
  • Lead nurturing sequences
  • Website and marketing recommendations

Our inbound marketing blueprints typically cover 3-6 months of marketing activity depending on your needs.